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Find packages that are shadowed by others in library locations with a higher priority.


shadowed_packages(lib.loc = NULL)



character vector describing the location of the R library trees to search through, or NULL for all known trees (see .libPaths).


A data.frame with one row per package, row names the package names and column names (currently) "Package", "LibPath", "Version", "Shadow.LibPath", "Shadow.Version", "Shadow.Newer".


R supports setting several locations for library trees. This is a powerful feature, but many times packages end up installed in multiple locations, and in such cases R silently uses the one in the path with the highest priority (appearing first in .libPaths), thus shadowing packages in locations with a lower priority.

For bspm installations, this means that outdated user packages may break system libraries. This utility reports packages that are shadowed (one per row) with information on which location ("Shadow.LibPath") and version ("Shadow.Version") has priority over it. The moveto_sys method is a great complement to move such outdated versions to the system libraries.

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